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Things to know...

My home is in Elk River with my wife and three children. I will travel anywhere in the state of MN for your needs. I have 22 years of construction experience; 18 of those have concentrated on home exteriors.

In January of 2006, I founded Exterior Concepts of MN, Inc; my corporation is fully licensed and insured. I'm very proud of my A+ rating from the BBB that I've maintained for the entire time I've been in business.

For roofing, I have a crew of 4-8 and most jobs can be done in 1 day. The siding end and all other aspects of the business are completely managed by myself. Most clients are amazed I can do it alone in the reasonable time frame laid out beforehand.

If my company is what you are looking for, please call 763-229-6318, so we can discuss your next home remodeling project. Thank you!

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